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Welcome To The Ovation Company

We are The Ovation Company…standing up for what is right and good! WE stand for the right to a positive school environment! WE stand side by side with those who choose kindness! WE stand for Working Hard, Playing Fair and Being Nice! WE stand for those who struggle to stand on their own! WE stand united in helping schools feel safe and welcoming!

Our Focus

The Ovation Company is a school resource organization
focusing on positive school climate and improved student
achievement. Our sole purpose is to help students:
Work Hard, Play Fair and Be Nice!

In this new era of multifaceted bullying and headline grabbing school violence, it is often difficult for schools to tackle the vast social complexities of today's student. The Ovation Company plays a vital role in school culture by discussing the realistic impact of bullying and delivering simple but attainable expectations for how to treat others on a daily basis. From workshop based programs rich in content to large group presentations with lasting impact, we understand that changing ones behavior requires powerful and relevant motivators with achievable, sustainable goals. A healthy environment is a productive environment and this is the foundation of The Ovation Company platform.


The Ovation Company
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Phone: 800-844-1979

“I can't begin to thank you for the WONDERFUL day on Wednesday. My students and staff thoroughly enjoyed you, your keynote and the training. I really enjoyed getting to talk with you and Eric personally about your lives, career and passion for changing the culture of a school and the hearts of individuals. ”
- Scot A. Mosher, Ed. D. - Principal, Pattonville Heights Middle School

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